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amberjewelry's Journal

Amber Jewelry Peddlers
12 May 1982
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About Us

We are a pair of jewelry crafters living in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work largely in amber and pearls, hand-knotting on silk thread. We specialize in necklaces of varying lengths, and do all work in-house to keep prices low for you. We also offer a small but choice selection of finished amber pieces from Eastern Europe, from silver earrings with cabochon insets to woven collars and bracelets.

Baltic Gold: From Tree Sap to Treasure

Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient trees. Often, it contains organic matter such as leaves, plant and mold spores, seeds, insects, or even small reptiles or mammals. Unusually light for its size, amber varies in both clarity and color, from water-clear yellow, red, blue, cognac, coffee-brown or green to butter-colored, opaque caramel or almost black. It is somewhat delicate, like pearls, and thus relatively difficult to carve or facet. It is possible to find carved beads, faceted cabochons, carved and turned cups, pipes, bowls and objects of art, all made from amber. But because of amber's delicateness, most amber beads and pendants are polished and drilled, but not cut, resulting in a variety of beautiful, baroque shapes.

Most amber comes from Eastern Europe, although deposits have been found in the Dominican Republic, South America, Africa and other parts of Europe. Our amber comes primarily from Poland and the Baltics.

Amber has been used for adornment and ritual use for thousands of years. It has been found among over 4,000-year-old grave goods in the Near and Far East, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Powdered amber has been used as a medicine for nearly as long; in fact bottles of amber tincture are still on the market today in Northern Europe and China. From Roman times through the Renaissance, amber was worn as a talisman against evil, temptation and ill health. It has often been chosen as the material from which ritual tools, rosaries of various faiths, religious plaques and royal treasures.

Because of its lightness and varying colors and levels of opacity, amber is very versatile, and can be paired easily with a variety of other stones. We most often use fresh-water pearls, and warm-toned stones such as garnet, carnelian, brown and red jasper, tiger's eye, and various colors of quartz or onyx. Our necklaces vary in length, delicacy and design, allowing you to choose from a variety of unique treasures. We can also do custom work.

If you have any questions for us, we can be reached at 10ofpentacles@gmail.com. For more general information about amber, its composition, uses and history, you can find a very good website here:


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John and Rebecca
Peddlers of Amber Jewelry and Other Treasures
PO Box 12571
Oakland, CA 94604