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Opening Week Sale Day 1

Welcome to our selling journal!

To celebrate our opening week, we are offering a choice selection of hand-made amber, pearl and gemstone necklaces and sterling-and-amber earrings at unbelievably low prices. Our online trunk sale will be going on through June 8; stop by regularly for a chance to own one-of-a-kind jewelry for surprisingly little cash.

Colorful multi-hued amber princess-length necklace-SOLD

This pretty necklace is handmade with love and 18.5 inches of big, polished baroque amber chunks in multiple colors and opacities: honey, coffee, butter, cognac and green.

This necklace is light weight, so shipping is cheap.  On sale now for $15; please comment or e-mail us at 10ofpentacles@gmail.com.-SOLD!

Delicate hand-knotted amber, pearl and Hessonite garnet 29” opera-length necklace, light and bright

This piece really picks up light  and shines, notice the close-up details. The amber used in this piece is quite clear and very attractive in the sun. Yours for the low price of $27, once again lightweight, low shipping cost. We like PayPal.


Rich hand-knotted cognac amber and baroque pearl choker

This unique necklace is 15.5 inches. In addition to the beautiful pearl-knotted amber and unique freshwater pearls, this necklace features an antique looking, easy to use clasp.This classy necklace is a bargain for only $22. Once again, please comment or e-mail us at 10ofpentacles@gmail.com with your interest or questions.

Sparkling princess-length honey amber “seedpod” necklace

18 inches of honey amber, for the princess or honey in your life. This gorgeous sparkling piece looks so classy, she may never guess you bought it from us for only $22.

Gorgeous hand-knotted peacock-and-dove baroque pearl strand, opera-length, great luster


This is one of a few of our all-pearl necklaces. The luster in the close up is genuine and the peacock coloring positively shines. 

This is necklace was hand knotted on silk thread with artistry and 28.5 inches of the highest quality fresh water water pearls available. It is a truly wonderful piece of jewelry and is on sale for  $40.

Eye-catching, princess-length cognac and butter amber “tiger stripe” necklace

Once again currently all of our work is handcrafted in our own home, with love. We have three such 19-inch "tiger stripe" necklaces on sale now for $20 each. Your necklace may vary slightly from the one shown above, due to the unique polished baroque shapes of the amber beads.

Pretty hand-knotted cognac and butter amber graduated drops princess-length necklace


Twenty more inches of beautiful cognac amber with artfully graduated butter amber drops, for $20.

Thank you so much for browsing today's items! Check back here for new items daily, and all things amber and pearl.


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